Partnership FAQs

About Moving Traditions Programs

What age(s) are these programs for?

Our programs are written to be age-appropriate for preteens and teens. We recommend our B-Mitzvah programs for 5th-7th graders. Kulam is intended for 8th – 12th grade students. Teen Groups (Rosh Hodesh, Shevet, and Tzelem) are written for 7th-12th grade.  Our CIT/Teaching Assistant Training program is suggested for 7th-12th grade.

What denomination are your partners?

Our partners come from a wide range of Jewish denominations.  Generally, they align with all or most of our values.  When there is a concern, our staff is happy to help you with curricular planning to meet your community’s needs.

We have a lot of interfaith families. Will your programs work for us?

Yes. Our programs are built to be flexible to meet the needs of families with diverse backgrounds. Each session within each program has Jewish context built in that is approachable and understandable. All Jewish content can be applied across the board both in the Jewish world and secular world.

About the Curriculum

Can I see some curriculum to decide if it’s right for my community?

Absolutely. Curricular outlines for each program are posted on our website. You can also request a curricular sample by completing this form.

How do I and/or my staff access the curriculum?

Anyone may sign up to access our Special Edition Curriculum, but only partners have access to our full curricular materials, all of which can be found in our Curriculum Portal.

Navigate to At the top of the page, click on the orange, “Curriculum Login” button. If it’s your first time logging in, you can click the “Forgot your password?” button to gain initial access. Your login should be your email address, and you should set a secure password. If you are having any trouble, click on the “Need Help?” button below the “Reset Password” button and follow the steps there.

Do we have to run a certain number of sessions to participate?

No, you do not need to run a certain number of sessions to sign up for our materials.  To count as a partner, however, you need to strive to operate the recommended number of sessions of one of our programs.

Do I have to do the sessions in a particular order?

No, the programs are built to be flexible to meet the needs of our partners.  The sessions are stand-alone and can be used in the order that works for you.  For the Kulam program, we recommend following the progression of the curriculum, starting with sessions from the Shleimut circle, then moving on to the Hesed circle, and finally into the Tzedek circle.  Your Regional Director is available to work with you to choose the sessions that would work best for your community.

Am I allowed to change or skip portions of a session to meet my organization’s needs?

(E.g. We have a shorter time limit than the lesson allows or parts don’t meet our organizational values and mission.)
Of course!  Feel free to use any or all sessions that you want!  Each section of every session lists the approximate amount of time we think it will take.  This will help you to adapt the session based on the amount of time you have. 

Getting Started

What are the steps to becoming a partner?

If you’ve read our website or materials and are ready to sign up, fill out the Partnership Application. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with your local Regional Director first. Once you’ve completed the application, we will send you a contract and invoice to review. You will receive access to our Curriculum Portal once the contract is signed and payment is made. You’ll also be invited to Training and will begin receiving our monthly Partner Newsletter so that you can stay in the know with new opportunities, materials, and events.

What are the costs?

Our prices are designed to be accessible to all and start at $450 per program annually. Contact us to learn more about bundle discounts and further pricing information.

Are there any reduced prices for smaller institutions?

Moving Traditions will always work with institutions that have smaller budgets. Contact us today to find out more about reduced fees.  

What is the refund policy?

We want our partners to be completely satisfied with their Moving Traditions subscription. If you are having a difficult time implementing any of our programs or things are not going as planned, please reach out to your Regional Director so that our team can help.

What timeframe does the annual license cover? And if I sign up later in the year, does the contract extend?

The annual license is designed to align with a typical school year and runs from July 1 until June 30. The contract does not extend for those who sign up later in the year.

Are there particular qualities needed in someone who implements the programs?

The programs should be run by someone whose values align with the values of Moving Traditions, is able to understand the material and relate it well, is someone who works well with teens or preteens, is enthusiastic and can comfortably discuss Jewish text.

Youth Recruitment/Participation

Is there a minimum number of students needed to offer a program?

No, our programs can be run with small groups of students. Different programs within our offerings have different critical mass needs. Please speak with your Regional Director to learn which programs would be the best fit for your organization.

Is there a maximum number of students that you can run a program with?

No. Our programs can be run with groups of varying sizes. However, some programs run best in smaller groups. Please speak with your Regional Director to learn which programs would be the best fit for your organization and the recommended group size based on your organization.

Are there marketing tools we can use?

We have created marketing tools for you to share with your communities. You can customize these to best fit your community needs: Promotional Materials – Moving Traditions

Support Available

I’d love to connect with some partners who have been using your programs for a while. Do you keep a list of partner references?

Yes, we would love to connect you with current partner(s) to learn more about implementing our programs in your community.  Please contact us to request a partner reference.

How long is the educator training for each of the programs?

Once you’ve completed your partnership contract, you are invited (and required) to attend Program Training. All of our training sessions take place online and are offered on a variety of dates/times for your convenience. The session lengths vary by program:

  • Kulam Training for New Partners – 1.5 hours
  • Kulam for CIT/TA Training for New Partners – 1.5 hours
  • B Mitzvah Training: New Partners – 3 hours
  • Teen Group Training for New Partners – 3 hours

Returning Partners for our programs are invited to annual virtual kick-offs that take 1 hour.

I want to bring your programs to my community but can’t get the necessary people on board. Can you help?

Absolutely! Call or email your local Regional Director. They can help by meeting with others in your community, sending additional curriculum, or connecting you with a reference from another synagogue that uses Moving Traditions materials. Additionally, Moving Traditions offers informational webinars for educators and clergy to attend and learn more.

Partner with Moving Traditions

Ready to become a partner? We look forward to working with you to engage the Jewish youth in your community.

Submit your application today, tour our online Curriculum Portal with your local Regional Director, or contact Eve Berger, our Vice President of Partnerships.